installment agreement


An affordable monthly payment to the IRS that allows you to meet your monthly bills and other financial obligations at the same time.

A resolution that works for you if you cannot pay your entire tax debt in a lump sum.

Once an Installment Agreement has been established, IRS suspends all collection efforts. E.g. Wage garnishments, seizures and bank levies.

This may be your best resolution if you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise.

What we do for you at Advantage Tax Help:

  • Our Tax Practitioners are experts on the criteria, guidelines, and procedures followed by the IRS.
  • They have the experience in negotiating for the lowest payment for you based on your bills, all your financial obligations, your everyday needs and your limited income which never seems to be enough.
  • Advantage Tax Help has the knowledge to present your case in the most favorable light and may even be able to negotiate for Currently Non-Collectible status if a payment plan to the IRS results in undue hardship.